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Review: Sasa Haul pt. 2 – My Beauty Diary, Pinkey and Jill Stuart FOTD

Here is part two of my Sasa haul 🙂 My Beauty Diary sheet masksRecently, the My Beauty Diary sheet masks have been very popular, so I decided to try some out. My Beauty Diary is a Taiwanese brand, and if you’re not familiar with sheet masks, they’re basically a soft cloth cut with eye, nose … Continue reading

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Review: Sasa Haul pt. 1 – Kanebo Kracie Naive, Shiseido Tsubaki

Even though the shipping takes forever (not their fault, I know), I love buying things from overseas. I don’t live in an area with a sizable Asian population, and so I don’t have easy access to a lot of imported brands.Lately, I’ve found that I tend to prefer Asian drugstore brands because … well, they … Continue reading


First post~!

This is the first post of Bubble Tea Panda, audrey’s beauty blog! Although the majority of posts will focus on cosmetics and skincare, I might throw in a bit of fashion here and there, and even food or tech. Basically, it’ll be whatever crosses my mind. :> Why the name Bubble Tea Panda? Pretty simple: … Continue reading