Places to order Asian cosmetics + skincare

I had a friend ask me the other day where she could buy some of the things I’ve featured on here online.

The only places I’ve personally ordered from myself are eBay and Sasa.com.
Sasa is a very famous cosmetics drugstore in Asia that can kind of be thought as similar to Ulta (i.e., carries a mix of low- and high-end cosmetics as well as its own house brand). It used to be that one could order internationally from Sasa.com, but it was all in Chinese or Japanese, or whichever language you happened to read it in.
Very recently, however, the site opened up an English section which has made it that much easier for us in the States. 😀 Best part is, shipping is a flat rate of $6, unless you order $75 worth in which case it’s free!
Prices are VERY fair on Sasa, usually at retail or even below.

A few cons… shipping does take a long time since it’s usually coming from Hong Kong. Average is around 2 weeks. They carry a LOT of lines, but sometimes, it’s only bits and pieces. Makeup selection is really lacking in comparison to the skincare section. Things go out of stock rather quickly, and it may take some time before they come back in stock, but you can sign up for email alerts when they come back in.

Overall, Sasa is one of my favorite places to go to!

eBay is another great place to start, but be wary of people selling fakes and research prices to make sure you’re not getting a jacked up price. Unfortunately, eBay is a little less reliable than a large company, so it can be hit or miss. But, it can be a great place to look for limited edition or discontinued items (just be aware of expiration dates!).

A few other great places to look at:
http://www.ichibankao.com – HUGE selection of Japanese cosmetics, especially makeup. The prices are pretty high, but they do include shipping. I haven’t personally ordered from here yet, but I window shop all the time!
http://www.adambeauty.com – Has a good selection of both Japanese makeup and skincare. The prices are usually very close to retail, and shipping is extremely fair. I am on a no-buying hold until I move into my new place in May, so I haven’t ordered from here either, but I have a full cart ready!
http://www.cosme-de.com – Another great site similar to Sasa with a big selection of skincare, and a moderate selection of makeup. Prices tend to be close to retail. Again, I’ve never ordered from here, so if you have, let me know how it is!

There are, of course, many other options, but these are the ones I’m mostly familiar with. I hope this helps a little!


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