Sephora / Urban Decay

Urban Decay and Sephora sales!

Ughhhh, why do I have to be on a no-buying hold nowwwww? I am really wanting to try out Urban Decay’s new tinted moisturizer for summer, and I’m almost out of the Surreal Skin cream foundation, but I just can’t…. or can I? We’ll see…

To save 30% off your entire purchase at, use code: 1SFNF

Sephora just put out their VIB 15% coupon codes; if you go in-store, you do need the physical coupon.
However, if you order online, VIBMADNESS will get you the discount. My email came with a special coupon for a friend; if you go to their 3 hour event, your friend will also get 15% off their purchase.

The Beauty Insider codes should be out soon, or they might be out now, but I don’t have them yet.

Siiigh… a little bit of window shopping won’t hurt…


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