Hard Candy / Ttinted Moisturizer

a moment of weakness…

Softsurroundingsoutlet.com has some Paul and Joe foundations for suuuuper cheap (12.99!) but I’m wary of buying foundation online plus I’m not even sure if the shades available are a match.

I made a big mention of my no-buying hold a few posts ago, but I have to admit, I was thinking about that Paul and Joe foundation and the Urban Decay tinted moisturizer and my lemming took over…

But it wasn’t so bad.

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Tinted Moisturizer
Also, yes, that’s Hotel City I’m playing in the background xD
I love everything Playfish makes!

I bought only one other thing from Hard Candy when it first re-released, Walk the Line liquid eyeliner in Licorice, and was extremely disappointed by it. This got lots of good reviews online, though, and it was only $8 so it wasn’t soooo bad. Right?
It’s late, and I’m still wearing the remnants of my Urban Decay foundation from work this morning, so I’ll test-drive it tomorrow and let you know what I think!

Also, I don’t care what anyone says: funfetti is not an acceptable substitute for rainbow chip! Rainbow chip cake and frosting is superior!!


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