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Review: Hard Candy Sheer Envy Tinted Moisturizer

Whoa, this is belated. I know I said I’d do this, like, two weeks ago but life just caught up with me. Anyway, it just means I’ve had more time to test drive this TM. :>

With this review, I’m going to try to implement a standardized system so that people who aren’t interested in the nitty gritty details can skip to the highlights.


First, I believe I’ve already found my favorite TM. This is the Dior Hydraction Skin Tint SPF 20, which in terms of formula is not perfect, but has some specific qualities about it that make it one of my tops. It has a very good consistency. It is smooth and creamy, and blends effortlessly and feels weightless. The coverage is excellent in my opinion; for some, it may be too much coverage for a TM and veers into light foundation territory, but I have the opposite opinion. To me, if a TM is so sheer it barely covers anything, then what’s the point? But again, different strokes for different folks.

One of my favorite qualities about the Dior TM is the inclusion of light-reflecting particles (not shimmer!) that blurs imperfections and brightens up my face. It gives me a very refined and polished face without the overly matte look of powders. I should mention for my combo skin, I usually finish off with a light dusting of translucent powder because it does exacerbate oiliness in my T-zone. (This is mainly why it’s not perfect for me.)

Side note: Recently, I believe Dior discontinued and reformulated their Hydraction line as the Hydra Life line. The SPF has gone down in a few products, notably the eye cream and day moisturizers (from SPF 20 to SPF 15). Besides the TM, I have used/use the eye cream, UV milk and light creme. I have liked all of them, though I discontinued use of the light creme after going through a travel jar and full size jar, having found it was probably too rich for my combo skin. I was planning on trying the sorbet creme, but have since tried to find a more affordable day cream. I am almost out of my Hydraction TM, and will replace with the Hydra Life version to see how it compares. Hopefully it’s comparable!

I know it sounds like I’m rambling, but I’m trying to give an idea of what I look for in a TM and how the Hard Candy version compares. 

Overall, I like this TM a lot. It has a thicker consistency than the Dior TM, but blends smoothly and is moisturizing without being greasy. I usually wear another moisturizer underneath, but oily skinned girls may feel comfortable going without. It dries to a satin finish, and is buildable without looking cakey. The coverage is less than the Dior TM, but still respectable for a TM. It brightened my dark circles, but didn’t cover them. If you wear a concealer normally, you will probably need one for this.

It does have a strong sunscreen scent, which is tempered by an odd sweetness that may be a burnt sugar fragrance (or an inadvertent side effect of some ingredient).  I wasn’t bothered by it, but those who are very sensitive to fragrance may have problems.With the sunscreen scent, it carries an SPF 15. Rather low for me, who is obsessive about SPF, but it’s respectable.

One of the biggest cons, in my opinion, was a mask-like look if you apply it all over your face. Some girls must know what I’m talking about; sometimes, when you put a foundation all over your face, your skintone is so uniformly even you look like a corpse. This is, of course, remedied by blush and bronzer/highlighter/contouring, but to me that defeats the purpose of a TM, which is supposed to be a quick slap-on-the-face-and-go type of product. I usually never apply foundation or TM all over my face, but for girls who prefer to, this may be a problem. The inclusion of the light-reflecting particles in the Dior TM, I think, is what allows my skin to look natural and fresh instead of corpse-like.

It doesn’t control oil, but it doesn’t exacerbate it like the Dior TM; my nose got shiny after around 4 hours, and also keep in mind I live in a very humid climate. The satin finish may appeal to girls who eschew the dewy look and appreciate a more matte finish. It is lightly luminous without being glowy.

It comes in a transparent squeeze tube, which is great for being hygienic and allowing you to get all the product out. I found a gentle squeeze produced a rather uniform pea-size, which was more than enough to cover my entire face. I usually used about half a pea-size amount.

It comes in four shades, and though the coverage is sheer enough that most girls will be able to find a match, pale girls and even moderately dark-skinned girls will be hard-pressed to make this work for them. I chose the third darkest shade, Tan, as the last shade looked too pink for my skintone. The second shade was more suited to my yellow undertones, but looked too light. The shade I chose was a very good match for my skin, and doesn’t go ashy or oxidize.

+ Good coverage and consistency
+ Hygienic squeeze tube
+ SPF 15
+ Only $8 and readily available from Walmart

– Shade selection is lacking
– Can cause corpse effect if overdone

Packaging: 10/10
Quality: 8/10
Value: 9/10
Overall: A – This is a great, inexpensive TM for girls who appreciate a satin finish and sheer coverage.

No pictures in this post, sadly… Had a very long day/week/month and I’m just too tired to go through the motions. (Even though I might only end up with one or two pictures, I usually take about 10-20 to get it right because I’m not a very good photographer!) If I have some energy, I will do a comparison some time soon.

I’m just so drained lately, I might be sparse on the blog for a while. I graduate in May, so finals are approaching and I need to find a new place to move to and hopefully another job. Also, my no-buying hold makes it so I don’t have anything new to review, but I’ll try to put up some FOTDs/EOTDs and maybe review some of my stash.
I am going back to NY in early June, though, so expect a whole new slew of product reviews!


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