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Review: Solstice Scents + Dinner!

Long time no blog! I graduated last week and moved into my new apartment. Really glad to be done with school… no pics for now, but soon. 🙂
I love my new place! It doesn’t feel quite like home yet, but I’m really happy and comfortable living here. Once I’m all unpacked and everything’s in its place, I will have plenty of pics to show off. 😀

However, I did want to get this review up. A few weeks ago, Grey hosted a giveaway for a prize package from Solstice Scents, and I won! I had it shipped to my parents’ house since I wasn’t sure when it would arrive and didn’t want it to go to my old apartment, so I picked it up a bit late, plus with the hullabaloo of moving and graduating, didn’t get a chance to look at the package until now.

Here’s what I got!

Spellbound Woods Perfume
Cenobite Creme de la Creme Creamy Whipped Soap
Cenobite Body Ganache Silky Whipped Body Butter
Samples of Cenobite, Pharoah, Whisper of Lilies, Sandalwood Vanilla, and Astral Temple perfume

The Spellbound Woods description on the site says it is a “magical blend of alluring amber, sandalwood, vanilla, cedarwood and just a hit of floral.” It comes in a frosted blue glass rollerball that looks like cobalt. It is honestly not a scent that appeals to me. Woodsy scents, like sandalwood, amber and cedarwood, are not my favorites; I lean towards brighter scents like fruits, florals and gourmands. It is a very well-crafted scent; I am able to discern all the notes (save for the floral) with none overpowering. However, the combination thereof simply reminds me too much of a headshop. If hanging out in headshops appeals to you, this is definitely a scent to get!
The perfume is made with an oil base that is very long-lasting. The scent started to give me a headache about 30 minutes after I applied it and even after I washed my wrists, I could still smell it faintly.
Although not my favorite scent, the wear and craftmanship is superb!

The Cenobite whipped soap and body butter were more my style. The site description says it is “a deep vanilla bean which has the slight boozy liqueur note on application mixed with a pile of fresh vanilla beans and a sultry smooth, rich and creamy french vanilla.”
It is still a stronger scent than I prefer ( SS also has a “Creamy Vanilla” scent which sounds more up my alley: sweet and foody :] ) but again, very spot-on with the description. It’s rich and sensual, and there’s a definite “boozy” note that makes you heady. The drydown is sweetly pure french vanilla. To me, the entire scent experience is like a vanilla liqueur poured over french vanilla ice cream.
The whipped soap surprised me; I’ve tried some whipped soaps from Etsy sellers before that were nothing more than shaved soap squished into a tub. They were hard, and difficult to work into a bath pouf. This soap, however, truly is whipped and feels creamy like a frosting. It lathered easily and rinsed off clean. Unfortunately, the scent did not linger. After washing, I could barely detect any scent. The label indicates it can also be used as a bubble bath and shaving cream.
The body butter is fabulous. It is soft like whipped cream and spreads easily. It does take quite a while to sink in, and leaves a slightly greasy feeling after application, so it is best reserved for nighttime use, I think.

As for the samples, I didn’t apply any of them directly, so I’m speaking only from their scent from the tubes.
Pharoah – The description says it is “Egyptian Musk spiked with just a few drops of frankincense essential oil and a splash of honey far in the background.” From the description, it does not sound like something I’d like. Although it still isn’t something I would personally wear, the scent itself is really intriguing. There is a deep, earthy quality that immediately transports you to ancient Egypt, surrounded by sun, sand and the slight wafting decay of mummies. It’s definitely an experience, and the honey adds a delicious warmth in the background. 
Whisper of Lilies – The description says it is “pure new lily blooms carried on an early morning spring breeze.” This is probably my favorite of the scents I’ve received, and no surprise since it is a very straight-forward floral. It is the scent of fresh-cut lilies, bright, crisp and green. The scent brings to mind a Victorian manor, a bouquet of lilies set in a vase in the sitting room while the open windows sway in the wind.
Sandalwood Vanilla – No description needed. 🙂 It’s very straightforward. The sandalwood is more prominent, with the vanilla rounding it out rather than playing an equal role. It should appeal to those who like sandalwood, because it is not excessively sweet; just warm and inviting.
Astral Temple – The description says it is “sweet, golden and otherworldly amber mingles with spicy ginger and clove and dances on a bed of freshly sliced oranges.” It sounds delicious, but I find it a scent that many would be hardpressed to wear. It is sharp, though not in an overly unpleasant way, and heady. The name seems very apropos, as it really does bring to mind a large temple, lit only by braziers and candles, while incense smoke clouds your vision.

Overall, I am very impressed with Solstice Scents. Although, on the whole, the scents I received did not appeal to me, the quality of all the items I received is superb. The perfumes have great throw and wear; the body butter is fluffy and moisturizing; the whipped soap, save for the fact that the scent doesn’t last, is creamy and doesn’t dry out my skin.The branding is constant, and the use of the aged labels on dark blue rollerballs and tubs gives it a very distinct oldfashioned feel that I enjoy.
On their Etsy shop, it seems they have several lines that include the scents I enjoy (fruity, bright, crisp) so I am excited to order some other items from them in the future. 

Thanks so much to Grey and Solstice Scents for giving me the chance to win and review these items!
Please visit Grey at her blog here!
Please visit Solstice Scents at the Etsy shop here!

And to finish this post, here’s what I made for dinner tonight! My friend gave me a giftcard to Whole Foods (which I live right next to now) so we splurged a little bit.

Grilled salmon (with a white wine cream sauce on the side) and roasted asparagus
I hope everyone’s enjoying summer! It’s been in the mid-90s for a few weeks and I’m dying, but the sunshine makes me feel energized and revived! ( Maybe it’s also the fact I’m done with school… for now. ;] ) I start an internship next week and I’m still working my same ole job, but hopefully I’ll have lots more time to blog! Until next time~

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