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Hautelook haul + review: Rock and Republic Contrived pressed blush and Luxe lip gloss

I got my Hautelook order yesterday, so I immediately took them on a test drive to get this review up ASAP.

First, I have to admit that my lemming for a Rock and Republic blush comes from Jen of From Head to Toe who gushed about them and provided great swatches of all the ones she owns (which is a lot! I’m jealous…). Although the brand is pretty young, it doesn’t seem to have survived in this economic climate because if I’m not mistaken, it’s shuttering its doors already (though I doubt the jeans will be going anywhere anytime soon!).
If you go to the site, the items are listed as full price but you can get a 50% discount by using code ROCKCOSMETICS, so it’ll actually be cheaper than some of the Hautelook sales. Shipping is only $0.99, so I hope they restock some of the other blush shades if they have them. Otherwise, I hope Hautelook or similar has another sale soon! 😛

I got a blush in X-Rated and a lip gloss in Muse. Normally, the blush retails for $40USD and the lip gloss for $26USD, but I got them half off through Hautelook, so all told, I only paid $20 for the blush and $13 for the lip gloss. 

The packaging is very luxe and sleek; the blush packaging especially is very impressive, I think. 

Once you remove the blush, the brand logo is imprinted underneath. It’s a small touch but something that makes designer goods so aesthetically pleasing.

X-Rated is very understated in this picture. In real life, it’s a bright raspberry fuchsia. There is very very very sparse shimmer, but overall it applies matte.
Muse is a milky orange-peach creme. It applies very sheerly and has little to no pigmentation on the lips. 
Left to right: X-Rated swatched heavily, sheered out, Muse
As you can see, X-Rated is insanely pigmented. Just a very light tap or sweep of the brush over the top of the blush is more than enough. Like I mentioned in my last post, I don’t have many blushes and definitely not one as bright as this. I was afraid it wouldn’t work with my coloring, but applied sheerly, I really like it. More importantly, it has great wear time. I wore it out all day in sticky humid Louisiana weather and it survived with flying colors. However, the first ingredient is talc, so ladies who are sensitive may have to stay away.
I’m a little disappointed in Muse because it’s so sheer; I have enough sheer lipglosses and I’d like some with a little pigmentation. The wear time is average, about 1-2 hours. It’s not the glossiest lip gloss I’ve ever used, nor the most moisturizing. It is slightly sticky, but not nearly as bad as a MAC Lipglass. It smells like vanilla but it’s a better vanilla than MAC products, in my opinion. More vanilla ice cream and less vanilla + chemicals. 
A minor nitpick, but for all the decadent and over the top packaging, the lip gloss top (with the wand) is not actually silver and black plastic as you might be led to believe. The black portion is actually a wrap-around sticker. I suspect this was cheaper and/or easier to manufacture than black on silver plastic parts, but if I had paid full price for this, I would expect the packaging to follow with the outrageous price point. (Because let’s be honest, we all know almost all cosmetics are produced by the same 5 factories in China for pennies on the dollar and we’re mostly paying for brand and packaging when it comes to designer cosmetics.)
It’s hard to tell in the above pictures, but the packages are huge! Here’s some comparison shots. 
I have a NYX creme blush to the left of the RnR blush, and a MAC Lipglass below the RnR lip gloss. However, the lip gloss is causing me some confusion. On the tube, it lists its contents as 3.5 ml / 0.11 oz, compared to the Lipglass’s 0.17 oz; on the actual box, though, its contents are listed at 4 ml / 0.13 oz. So I’m not sure which is right, but either way, you’re getting more Lipglass than the RnR gloss (though at a sale price of $13 versus $16 for a Lipglass, it might be worth it), so appearances can be deceiving!
Here is a size comparison of the RnR blush compact. To the left is a Urban Decay Surreal Skin cream to powder foundation compact, and underneath is an Anna Sui pressed powder compact. As you can see, compared to most blushes, it’s huge! This will definitely last you a long time, if not forever (for me, I suspect it’s the latter). Although I love the packaging and am loathe depot anything more than eyeshadow, there is a pinhole on the bottom of the blush compact. I suspect this is not for refill purposes (as they don’t make refills, afaik) but to ease in depotting. A nice touch!
This is the blush in natural light; the light washed it out very slightly but also I applied it extra sheer because I’m not used to wearing such bright blush. I think for a night out, I would definitely step it up a notch or two. This is a very plain look because I didn’t do anything but go out to lunch today and I really wanted to keep everything else soft because I was afraid the blush would overpower my face. (Told you I’m not used to it!) 
Face: Urban Decay Surreal Skin cream to powder foundation in Hallucination, Lavshuca loose powder in Lucent, Rock and Republic blush in X-Rated
Eyes: UDPP, UD eyeshadow in Half-Baked and Smog, L’Oreal HIP Color Chrome eyeliner in Black Shock, Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara 
Lips: Rock and Republic lip gloss in Muse
That’s it for today… Hope your summer’s not too hot! :>

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