This blog really took an unannounced hiatus for over a year. o(-_-)o I apologize… Got wrapped up in work, school, and all that.

Although I have to admit, I feel lately like I’ve hit a makeup wall. I recently redid my vanity.
Here are some cellphone pics of it. I took an IKEA Malm dressing table and spraypainted it purple. That’s an IKEA Ung drill mirror and a Nils stool, also.

I know the walls are rather spartan at the moment. P.S., that traincase underneath has makeup in it, too!

This is after I threw out / gave away about half of my collection…

So, I’m glad I finally have a dedicated place to do makeup. I used to either keep it in the bathroom, which was not ideal mainly because the humidity would mess up some products early and I’m so blind I would get an aching back from leaning over the counter to look in the mirror… or I’d spread it out over my computer desk. I’ll let you figure out why the second one didn’t work out either.

But here’s the rub… I have a new job now, and now I work nights and weekends. Except for one day a month, I literally see two other people my entire shift. I just do not see the point of putting on makeup to go into an empty building at night or on the weekend, to have my coworkers staring into their respective computer monitors the whole time. e.e;
Of course, my schedule changed up a lot so I also have quite a few days off every month now. But I rarely go out anymore…

I still prowl the makeup aisles at drugstores. I get lost in Sephora and the department stores. When I’m grocery shopping, I sneak into the cosmetics when I think Mike isn’t paying attention. I load up an online cart when the email blasts come through about sales. But I’m very rarely taken by anything anymore. I see things that I get a momentary lemming for, but then I stop, think about all that I have at home, and all that I very, very, very rarely wear anymore, and I just put the product back or abandon my online shopping cart.

Now, granted, I did hear some hubbub about the Revlon Lip Butters, so I went out and got Peach Parfait. I like it. But it’s sitting in my many myriad makeup bags somewhere. I don’t know where.
My friend is a makeup artist with Dior, so I went to their New Look workshop a few weeks ago — came home with Iconic mascara, the lash plumper/serum/primer thing, and an Addict lipstick (and a complimentary travel bag for buying 3 things). I don’t even remember the lipstick’s shade / number.

I’ve worn all of those items twice, three times maybe since buying them. And I spent around $100 on those things. 

Lately, there’s no point to makeup for me. And that kind of makes me sad, honestly. I never was into makeup because I felt the need to hide my face. Obviously, I like the superficiality of it, the enhancements to my features, but it was always more just fun for me, to try out new color combinations and looks.

I’ve stopped following a lot of makeup blogs. It got to be overwhelming. I do want to pick this blog back up, but I think I’ll have to re-fit makeup and cosmetics back into my life somehow.

What do you think?


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