A cautionary tale…

Everyone’s familiar with USB, right? Basically, it’s one of the best things to ever happen to electronics, as it standardized a million different ports and cables and communication protocols into one neat little package.

It’d be perfect, except when manufacturers go for the money-grab and add some stupid proprietary port of their own on the other end, so that you’re basically forced into buying their branded cables (or risk a cheap Chinese knock-off). Apple and Sony are two of the most notorious and worst perpetrators in this regard.

And guess what kind of a camera I have? A Sony Cybershot DSC-T2. (Yes, it’s extremely old; I’m in the market for a new one, but my wallet won’t let me just yet.)

I recently moved to a new house.
I basically move every time my lease is up, as I’ve had poor luck with rentals thus far. And I guess, somewhere in the move, my little proprietary cable which has stuck with me through all these years and moves fell into that nebulous rip in space-time which houses an abundance of socks and also, apparently, my nice earbuds.

I’ve ordered a knock-off from Amazon, as Sony don’t even offer this cable for sale any more. In the meantime… the posts — they shall have to wait.

Perhaps it’s good timing as I’ve just been to the dermatologist this week, and I’ve changed up my skincare regimen by introducing a retinoid into my nightly routine. The flaking is not pretty. But, smoother skin is just down the road, along with my cable. I’ll see you then.


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