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The Girls Inspired Group Worldwide Giveaway!

To celebrate the Girls Inspired Group (GIG) hitting 100 fans after only a week, they’re launching their first worldwide giveaway! I found out about them through Sophie of Peach Milky Tea; I think she’s absolutely adorable so go check out her blog!

If you’re a female blogger, definitely go by their group and join! It’s a great way for ladies around the world to share their interests and blogs and encourage each other! Go here to learn about the full details of the giveaway.

Girls Inspired Group (GIG) 100 Thank You Giveaway

Girls Inspired Group (GIG) 100 Thank You Giveaway

To join the group, check out the Facebook group!

To keep up with notifications, Like the Facebook page!

I think the idea of the group is really great.
What inspires you lately? For me, it’s my renewed interest in beauty blogging. I’m really having a good time discovering my voice and my niche, and I’ve come to appreciate how much work goes into blogging.

Tell me in the comments!


2 thoughts on “The Girls Inspired Group Worldwide Giveaway!

  1. Hi Audrey! Thank you for joining our giveaway. Will be announcing the winner by 17th December, so good luck to you! I hope you’re having fun at GIG! xx Donah (GIG Founder) (P.S. I’m a big fan of bubble tea!)

    (sorry my bad, please delete first comment, got mixed up with the names on FB 😦 so sorry!)

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