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New Ways to Follow: Bloglovin and Pinterest!

Hey guys, if you would like another way to keep up with my posts, follow me with Bloglovin! I also added a widget to the sidebar which will let you do the same, if you decide to later on. I’m new to Bloglovin, as I usually use Google Reader to keep up with blogs, but I’m always open to trying new things. 😛

Also, if you’re on Pinterest, you can now Pin any of my pictures just by hovering over it and clicking the Pin It! button! Woohoo!

To be honest, I’m obsessed with Pinterest but I have a problem with how easy it is to lose attribution to the original source. I see a LOT of my friends saying things like, “Oh, I used a Pinterest recipe!” which, I hope you can understand, is a bit like saying, “Oh, I used a Google recipe!” It’s not a Pinterest recipe, but some blogger’s recipe which got pinned to Pinterest! In addition, sometimes when I actually try to follow the pin, it leads to a broken link, or the wrong post, or whatever! I know that’s not the fault of Pinterest, but it’s just something that’s always irked me.
Anyway, I’m glad for any additional exposure or sharing, but that’s just my mini-rant for the day. 😛

Of course, you can still keep up with me through Facebook and Twitter! I haven’t made a Google+ page yet, but I certainly will if enough interest is there~

And if you use an RSS reader, I have the RSS feed button in the sidebar.
If you prefer to receive emails of new posts, the email subscription box is in the sidebar also!

I’m still a Facebook girl at heart. I’m slowly getting into Twitter.

Which way do you like best? Do any of you use Bloglovin, or are there other services you like better?


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