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It’s Raining Macarons!

I love sweets. I love sweets in just about every way, including things sweets-themed or -decorated. If the name of this blog was any indication, I love to eat in general, but sweets, candies and desserts all have a very special place in my heart and tummy.

I’m also obsessed with macarons. To be honest, they’re not necessarily my favorite dessert but I’m absolutely infatuated with the colors and assortment of flavors. They’re kinda the new cupcakes, so I’m glad it’s becoming easier to find them now.

My favorite local place (and really, one of the few near me) to get macarons is Sucre, a sweets and confection boutique in New Orleans. Although New Orleans is only an hour away, I don’t get the chance to get up there as often as I like so I usually end up having them shipped to me.

They recently introduced this adorable bit of Sucre merchandise, a mint-green umbrella with a macaron print. Of course I was smitten from first sight, and set out to get one of my own. As luck would have it, my boyfriend had to go to New Orleans for work a few days later, so I had him stop and pick this up for me.

Sucre New Orleans - Macaron Print Umbrella

Sucre New Orleans – Macaron Print Umbrella

It is more like a bubble umbrella, in that it comes down farther than most other umbrellas. I can see this being perfect for girls who love sweet lolita!

Sucre New Orleans - Macaron Print Umbrella

Close-up of the logo and print

Do you like macarons? I’m really interested in trying to make my own, but I hear they’re really difficult!
If you need some specialty desserts or chocolates, I definitely recommend Sucre! Not only is everything really delicious but beautiful to boot. ❤


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