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shu uemura Eye Light Pencil White Review, Swatches, Pictures

There are a lot of tricks people resort to to make their eyes look bigger. The shu uemura Eye Light Pencil White is a good example of one of those tricks. White eyeliners are commonly used on the inner corner and/or waterline in order to brighten the whites of the eyes and create the illusion of wider, more doll-like eyes. Some girls draw it on thick purposely (like the ganguro trend) but generally you can sheer it out for a gentle application.

shu uemura Eye Light Pencil White

shu uemura Eye Light Pencil White

I think a lot of non-squinty-eyed people misunderstand the purpose of some of these tricks. There’s a lot of “controversy” about how Asian makeup trends veer towards wanting a European/Caucasian look (e.g., big eyes) and while that can be true in certain instances, it’s really not the overarching purpose most of the time, I find. A lot of times it’s just about not looking so danged tired all the time. Seriously, there’s a world of difference not just on my eyes, but on my whole face when I just curl my lashes. And of course it’s not limited to Asian people, but generally when we’re talking squinty eyes…

The shu uemura site says this about the liner:

Highlight and enhance. Dual-ended soft crayon pencil ideal for use as an eye liner or highlighter. Two finishes, matte white and pearl white, to achieve brighten, lighten, and lifted look.

It’s a dual-ended pencil which smells strongly of elementary school pencils. (Remember how elementary school teachers were absolutely insistent on old-school wooden pencils instead of mechanical ones? Maybe it was just mine but I instantly think of standing at those stupid rotary sharpeners and cranking it away, watching the shavings as they fell on the floor when I pick up this pencil.) The matte side is more of a true white with a flat finish, whereas the pearl size has a metallic sheen to it. The pearl reads more silver when swatched on my skin.

shu uemura Eye Light Pencil White

shu uemura Eye Light Pencil White

shu uemura Eye Light Pencil White

Matte end

shu uemura Eye Light Pencil White

Pearl side

shu uemura Eye Light Pencil White

Sloppy swatches, I know, sorry! Matte on top, pearl on bottom

Unfortunately, the pearl side does not transfer to my waterline very well. It disappears almost immediately, and barely manages to make it onto my lower lash line. The white fares a little better but still has very poor lasting power. I see about 2 hours of wear before it disappears completely. The pearl works better as a highlighter, although I don’t like the strong silvery finish for my skintone personally.

Here is a heavy cut-crease look I did while just playing around the other day, with the pearl on my lower lashline. Even between applying it and taking pictures, it disappeared off my waterline.

shu uemura Eye Light Pencil White

As I was only playing around, I didn’t take down the full list of products used, unfortunately.

I really hate writing negative reviews, but this pencil just is not well-designed at all. It’s not what I’ve come to expect from shu uemura at all. I was so hyped to get this during the Black Friday sale because I’ve been wanting a good white eyeliner for so long. In fact, I’m so bummed that I can’t even be witty, so I’m going to end this quickly.

Sigh… anyone wanna recommend me a good eye brightening pencil?

Price: $19
Where to buy: shuuemura-usa.com
Would I repurchase?: No. Although the matte pigmentation is decent, the pearl side does not translate to the waterline at all, and the staying power for either side is poor at around 2 hours max.

Disclosure: All product(s) featured in this post were purchased by me. All opinions are my own.


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