Beauty Resolutions for 2013

In usual procrastinator fashion, I meant to have this post up a week ago but… yeah. So, without further ado, here are my beauty resolutions of 2013 for Bubble Tea Panda!

Beauty Resolutions 2013

1. At least 3 posts a week!

I have a big, bad habit of getting in over my head. I make these grand plans for posts, then put them off until a week or more has passed by between posts and then I feel guilty and just get further into procrastination. It’s a horrible cycle. e_e So, in order to make myself stick to a posting schedule, I’m going to do at least 3 posts a week!

2. Become more involved in the beauty blogger community.

I tend to be rather passive when it comes to other bloggers. I read a ton of blogs daily, almost religiously, but very rarely comment. Even if it’s a silly comment, I’m going to make the effort to comment more, and just generally become more engaged in social media (i.e., tweeting @ people, RTing things, etc.). I love the community of bloggers and I realize I can’t be part of it without actually being part of it.

3. Groom dem brows.

As you all have witnessed, and as I’ve said multiple times before, I almost never do anything with my brows. I pluck them occasionally, and brush them sometimes but I never use brow wax, gel, powder, etc. and I’ve never had them waxed or trimmed or anything. My brows are pretty tame normally, but they could do with a bit of routine upkeep for sure!

4. Learn more photography and Photoshop tips and tricks.

The art of retouching is something that’s a little bit contentious in the photography world, but I believe it has its merits. To be sure, I won’t use Photoshop for disingenuous reasons (e.g., ‘shopping in eyeliner when I didn’t have any on) but you can really make a dull picture pop with the right tricks. Since my camera sucks and is old, but I can’t afford a new one yet, I also need to learn how to use the tools I have at hand.

5. Branch out.

Reviews are my passion. I got into reading beauty blogs because I’m a product whore and I love reading reviews, so I love writing them. But I’m going to try to do more types of posts and maybe even vlogs! I’m not so skilled as to branch into tutorials, I think, but I definitely want to do more FOTDs and articles and things like that.

So there you go… what do you think? Anything else I might need to improve on? Don’t be shy! 😀


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