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Jealousness 501 Lashes Review, Pictures

This review is a long time coming! I picked the Jealousness 501 lashes up during Pretty & Cute‘s Black Friday sale, and I’m only just now getting around to reviewing them. Although in the pictures online, I thought they looked similar to the Holika Holika 06 lashes I reviewed a while back, in person, they’re much different.

Jealousness 501 Lashes

I’m trying to find a good “daytime” false lash. The Holika Holika ones are pretty natural looking, but the flared ends make them more dressy, in my opinion. I was hoping these would be a good option. To my eye, they looked about as long as the Holika Holika lashes but without as dramatic a flare. And of course, it does have the criss-cross design I like so much. 🙂 Plus, these are super cheap at around $3 a pair!

Jealousness 501 Lashes

The band is black, so it blends in with eyeliner well and it wasn’t overly stiff — the band, anyway. The lashes themselves were very stiff and glossy and in my opinion, looked a little too fake.
Another tiny nitpick… you see the two dots of glue holding each end down? For this pair at least, the glue was weirdly sticky yet anemic. When I tried to pull the lash off, the glue came straight off the plastic and stuck stubbornly to the lash. It almost felt more like old eyelash glue than anything else. I had to claw it off with fingernails. On the other pair of Jealousness lashes I have, instead of glue, it was a tiny strip of basically double-sided tape that was much better at keeping the lashes in shape when not in use.

So what about their look? Was it the natural lash I wanted?
Not really.

In fact, these are MUCH more dramatic (although not as much as the other pair of Jealousness lashes I got, which I will review later). They give the appearance of more lashes (for me, anyway), but not necessarily fullness. You’ll see what I mean when you look at the pictures.


Although I wouldn’t describe them as over the top, they’re a bit too much for me during the day. If I’m completely honest, I think a lot of that is because my natural lashes are so puny and malnourished (seriously, they are the Oliver Twists of the lash world) that when I HAVE lashes, it’s just odd. Like watching a dog walk on its hind legs.

The below shot is angled upwards a tad, so it unintentionally exaggerates the length, but not by much.

Jealousness 501 Lashes

I like them, but I think they’re better for an evening look than daytime. What do you think?

Price: $2.99
Where to buy: Pretty & Cute
Would I repurchase?: Maybe! Although these are very cheap and a good option, I think they’re just a bit too much for daytime wear, and the lashes looked a little more fake than others I’ve tried so far.

Disclosure: All product(s) featured in this post were purchased by me. All opinions are my own.


4 thoughts on “Jealousness 501 Lashes Review, Pictures

    • If you’re very careful and have a steady hand, I’m sure you could trim them a bit! I’m more apt to ruin them both if I tried, so I don’t dare 😛

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