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Shiro Cosmetics Tributes Collection Swatches, Review, Photos

I was so eager to play with the shades I got from the Shiro Cosmetics Tributes Collection I posted my EOTD/FOTD before I even posted swatches! Well, here they are now.

OK, but before I get into this post, I want to just say: Y’ALL. MY HEART. SHE IS BROKEN. The other day, I was getting ready to go out and I was shaking my bottle of Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation as usual when it slipped out of my hand and SHATTERED EVERYWHERE. D: I poured what remained of the bottle into an old LUSH tub I had but it’s not much… Seriously, so aggravated. I just bought this a few months ago so I had a ton left. Oh well, no use crying over spilled foundation. -____-

Shiro Cosmetics Tributes Collection

The lids and sifters are making the lighting in this pic totally wonk. For more accurate shade representations, see below.

So, I agonized over the Shiro Cosmetics Tributes Collection. This was my first purchase from Caitlin and I wasn’t sure if I wanted the mini jars (1.0 gram) or full size jars (2.0 grams). I ended up with the mini jars because 1) they don’t come with the the lid stickers (thought you can purchase them separately) and 2) the lids are clear. Although I love the cute stickers, I figured this would make it easier for me to pick out which shades I wanted quickly, and although I’m a packrat by nature, I had to rationalize the chances of me actually finishing a jar are slim to none in reality. Srsly.

Shiro Cosmetics Tributes Collection

One really nice feature I appreciated about the jars are the protector over the sifter holes — they’re plastic and have a small tab to easily pull the whole sticker off. I can’t stand when companies put a cheap paper sticker that I have to spend hours scratching off and it leaves sticker residue behind anyway.

Shiro Cosmetics Tributes Collection

Another nice addition is that each jar has the actual ingredients listed instead of a blanket list, and also notes whether or not the shade is lip-safe!

The turn-around time on the website when I ordered was at about 2 weeks. I ordered on Jan 2 and received my shipping confirmation on January 9. Tracking said my package was slated to arrive on January 14, but actually I received it earlier on January 12. So overall, for a one-woman operation, this was really impressive! Also, shipping rates were very reasonable although I qualified for free shipping with my order total.

As I mentioned in my EOTD post, I’m a huge fan of the Hunger Games. I originally planned to be somewhat budget-conscious and only purchase a few shades I really loved, but as I pored over the selection, I seriously could not narrow it down! As I put one shade in my cart, I kept straying to add more and more until I realized it was cheaper to buy the whole thing in one go anyway. Well, so I blew most of my monthly makeup budget on this but you know what? I DON’T REGRET IT. Not at all. Can’t make me.

I seriously love every single shade, and I especially love that you can feel Caitlin’s dedication to the series and her attention to detail in every one. All the shades are unique, beautiful and fitting. I have a mini nerdgasm every time I look at them.

All the shades were swatched dry over Urban Decay Primer Potion. Enlarge the picture to read the shade names.

Shiro Cosmetics Tributes Collection

Swatched over Urban Decay Primer Potion

There are twelve shades in all, and the shade names and descriptions from the website are as follows:

Baker’s Boy: Shimmery light golden brown with blue sparks
Remake: Shimmery gold-bronze with purple sparks
Cornucopia: Bright, bold yellow with strong golden shimmer
Mockingjay: Shimmery brown-copper-bronze
Huntress: Shimmering silver with a slight greenish cast and bright silver sparks
Star-Crossed: Blackened coppery-brown
Rebellion: Charcoal black with deep blue shimmer and sparkles
Beyond the Fence: Shimmery forest green with subtle brown-gold tones
Wildflowers: Soft golden pink with green and gold sparks
Ever in Your Favor: Bubbly purple-toned magenta with hot pink glitter
Unforgettable: Hot pink-toned shimmery red with bright red sparks
Girl on Fire: Bright, hot, shimmery orange with golden sparks

Like I said before, I really love every shade but my favorites are Baker’s Boy (those blue sparks!), Unforgettable, Girl on Fire and Cornucopia. Girl on Fire in particularly is the perfect orange-red which has a beautiful sparkly fire behind it. It’s so lovely in person.

And I normally hate the way silvers look against my skintone, but I actually love the sparkling clarity of Huntress.
Star-Crossed caught some glare in the above picture, but it’s almost dusky brown from some angles, and a gilded grey-green-bronze in others. It’s truly a unique shade.

Shiro Cosmetics Day of Reckoning and Divine Justice

I also received two samples in my order, Day of Reckoning and Divine Justice. These are not from the Tributes collection, but from the Fullmetal (Fullmetal Alchemist) and Notebook (Death Note) collections respectively.

It was a nice surprise because I was eying Day of Reckoning anyway. :3
Divine Justice was interesting because it looks like a burnt orange, but applies as a coppery tan!

Shiro Cosmetics Day of Reckoning and Divine Justice

Day of Reckoning: Intense, metallic deep burgundy (though to me this looks like a purple?!)
Divine Justice: Tan-brown with strong golden shimmer

As you can see from all the above pictures, the pigmentation is excellent. Of the Tributes collection, Baker’s Boy, Huntress and Wildflowers applied the sheerest comparatively but those are more subdued shades anyway. They blend easily and I just could not be more pleased with my order. Shiro Cosmetics releases colors of the month (every month, obviously) and she just came out with a Hobbit-themed collection, so I will likely be placing another order in the very near future… :3

Price: $1 for a sample baggie, $3.50 for a mini-jar (1.0 gram), $5 for a full size jar (2.0 grams)
Where to buy: Shiro Cosmetics
Would I repurchase?: Yes! All the colors are absolutely gorgeous, totally appropriate for their shade names and the pigmentation is superb. I highly recommend this collection.

Disclosure: All product(s) featured in this post were purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

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