Jealousness 505 Lashes Review, Pictures

Hey, were you looking for the perfect drag queen lashes to go with your drag queen lips? I got dem lashes rightchere for ya, and they’re the Jealousness 505 lashes, available from Pretty & Cute.

Jealousness 505 Lashes Review, Pictures

Jealousness 505 Lashes Review, Pictures

For real, I love drag queens and I only wish I could pull off such bold-ass makeup. Alas, I’m somewhat of a timid mouse in real life. Wearing red lipstick out while running errands the other day left me in such a tangle of nerves, I had to spend the next two days recuperating in bed with a copy of The Bell Jar.
Just kidding. I don’t have a copy of the Bell Jar.

The Jealousness 505 lashes actually aren’t really outrageous lashes by false lash standards — they’re not bejeweled, glittered, feathered or anything like that. They’re just stupid long and fluffy and, in my humble opinion, look absolutely ridonk on me. But I kinda like them, in that way you love those studded heels that you can only wear for 5 minutes at a time or else your feet start turning blue.

Jealousness 505 Lashes Review, Pictures

Jealousness 505 Lashes Review, Pictures

Unlike the Jealousness 501 lashes which had glue holding them in place, these came with a strip of tape to keep the lashes secured when not worn. I much prefer this because it was tacky enough to hold the shape, but not so sticky that it was hard to pull the lash off the packaging. I did have to trim quite a bit of excess off in order to make them fit my eyes, but I did the same with the other Jealousness lashes also (which I neglected to mention in my review, but you should be trimming lashes to fit anyway!).

I have to admit, I didn’t think they would be this full from the pictures online. Every now and then, I freak out because I get flashbacks to caterpillar season and I think one’s fallen out of a tree and landed on my face. Not that that’s ever happened before or anything.

For my eye makeup, I used all shades from the gloMinerals trio in Amethyst I reviewed a little while back. I used my trusty Heroine Make eyeliner, but didn’t curl my lashes or apply mascara.
Here’s before I applied the lashes:

Jealousness 505 Lashes Review, Pictures

Bare nekkid lashes


drumroll please…


Jealousness 505 Lashes Review, Pictures


Bit o’ difference there, huh? Here’s a close up of the lashes on my eyes.

Jealousness 505 Lashes Review, Pictures

Closer up of the lash design

I actually do like them quite a bit, but they’re a HUGE difference from my normal lashes, even when curled and mascara’ed to an inch of their life. I would only wear these for a reallllly glamorous look or evening out. Or I guess I could go buy some appropriately broody literature and buck up some courage.

What do you think?

Price: $2.99
Where to buy: Pretty & Cute
Would I repurchase?: Honestly, probably not, but that’s not because of the quality! I quite like the Jealousness 505 lashes but I only need one pair of dramatic lashes like these. 😛 For now. Maybe my makeup tastes will change in the future!

Disclosure: Some product(s) featured in this post were purchased by me. Some product(s) were gifted. All opinions are my own.


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