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Dove Real Beauty

So, I’ve been a big fan of Dove’s Real Beauty ads. I won’t get into a cynical tear-down of how this is a clever marketing strategy ironically engineered by a giant global conglomerate which, in the same breath, puts out the very same ads which play off men and women’s self-image and body esteem issues. (For reference, Dove is owned by Unilever which, among a myriad of other brands, owns Axe/Lynx deodorant and White Beauty, a brand which gained some international attention for implying that white, fair skin was more beautiful than dark skin.)

OK, so I said I wasn’t going to get into it, but I totally did.

Anyway, my point is that, like many other things in this world, it’s easy to lose sight of the positives by trying not to be naive. Sometimes this is necessary. But marketing has always been most successful when it’s about showing you what you’re missing, what you (think you) need. That’s just a fact.
So, it might be a drop in the bucket, but I think despite the intentions, it has a good message.

This is the latest from the Dove Real Beauty campaign, and I think it’s one of the most powerful. Basically, a forensic artist draws a woman based on how she views herself, and how another person sees her.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube

Have you seen this ad yet? What do you think?

I used to keep a separate blog which discussed race and gender relations in the US, but I honestly found it tiring after a while. It’s something which is still very important to me, especially in how I approach my Masters work, but I think I’m just not cut out for activism blogging. To say the least, beauty blogging is my escape.

On that note, my heart has been sick about the tragedy yesterday in Boston. I hope that everyone reading this is safe and sound, and so are their family and friends.

There is a lot to be sad and angry and upset about in this world, but even at the worst of times, we should try to focus on the beautiful things in life. In the end, that’s all you can do.


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