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Julep Maven May Box

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For the month of May, Julep deviated a bit from their usual hand and nail offerings to introduce a lip color line. May’s theme was Set the Stage, likely inspired by the release of The Great Gatsby movie (and the subsequent revival in art deco and 1920s fashion). I chose the Modern Beauty box, which included the New York Jazz lip trio, a sugar scrub and a mascara. The other box options had one of two lip color trios and two nail polishes, with the exception of one which had all nail polish. Let’s see what I got!


Again, I like Julep because of the different options and your ability to pick and choose which box you’d like to receive. Although I liked some of the nail color options, I really wanted to try out their sugar scrub and mascara.

The box was gorgeous, too. I loved the merlot filler, and the elegant design of the tissue paper.


In the Modern Beauty box, I received:
Sugar Smooch Lip Scrub: This scrumptious blend of brown sugar, molasses, conditioning oils, vitamin E, and shea butter will leave your lips soft, smooth, and ready for color (or kisses)
New York Jazz Lipstick Trio: Silky little lip colors inspired by the Roaring Twenties. Set Includes: Tea for Two – Nude shimmer lip sheer, Satin Doll – Poppy lip sheer, Lady in Red – Matte crimson lip color
American Beauty Volumizing Mascara: Jet black. Lash growth enhancement ingredients and micro-fiber applicator separates, conditions, and plumps individual lashes for a thick and gorgeous finish
(descriptions taken from the Julep website)

My free gift this month was a very cute pair of rose bobby pins. Now THIS is a free gift I can get behind! No thank you to lip balms and rock candy. I love roses, and have quite a lot of rose-themed rings and earrings, so this goes great with my existing accessories.

Julep Maven May Box

I love the art deco styling of the Sugar Smooch sugar scrub. It’s shaped similar to an EOS lip balm. The scrub itself smells absolutely delicious, like maple syrup and butterscotch.

Julep Maven May Box

Sugar Smooch Lip Scrub

Julep Maven May Box

Julep Maven May Box


Julep Maven May Box

Beautiful detail on the packaging

Julep Maven May Box

Are you getting dizzy?

Julep Maven May Box

My lips are constantly dry and chapped, so I live by lip scrubs. I keep The Body Shop’s Lip Scuff in my purse at all times, and I use LUSH’s lip scrub at home for heavy-duty scrubbin’. The texture of the Sugar Smooch is creamier than LUSH’s; it’s not quite as densely packed with sugar, but as a result, the oils impart more of a soothing, moisturizing feel to lips. I think this is actually nice little scrub, and I keep this on my vanity now to prep my lips before I go out.

The American Beauty volumizing mascara comes in a cool square tube with a dual-barreled design that looks almost like a prism. The wand is stiff (not flexible or bendable) and very, very slightly curved. I should have gotten a better pic of this, but the bristles are also different depending on whether they’re on the outside of the curve, or the inside (basically, the inside has shorter bristles nestled closer to together, the outside has longer, sparser bristles).

Julep Maven May Box

American Beauty Volumizing Mascara

Julep Maven May Box

Julep Maven May Box

If you look closely, you can see the wee fibers hanging out.

I was surprised to realize this is actually a fiber mascara (similar to Fiberwig or Urban Decay’s Cannonball). Unfortunately, it didn’t give me the volumized look I wanted. I have such short, stubby, straight and sparse lashes (how’s that for alliteration) that I need it all: length, volume, curl in a waterproof formula. It gave me more of a natural look. I like using this to layer over the Urban Decay Cannonball, because the wand design allows me to comb my lashes out a bit and keep building without clumps.

Now to the main attraction: the lip trios. These are actually much smaller than I imagined, about 3/4 the length and thickness of a traditional tube. I included a reference picture. Actually they’re about the size of a lipstick bullet from the 1950s, so it gives them a nice retro feel. I think even the box they come in looks a bit like an old cigarette case.

Julep Maven May Box

New York lip trio

Julep Maven May Box

Looks a bit like a cigarette case!

Julep Maven May Box

Comparison to a Revlon Lip Butter and Milani Color Statement lipstick tube

Old readers might be familiar with my on-going battle with red lipsticks: basically, I’m very picky when it comes to reds, and I think most of them look a bit clownish on me. So, I was dubious that Lady in Red would work for me, being that it looked so blue-based in the online swatches and in the tube. However, this is actually a great red for me and one that I’m comfortable wearing out. It’s very balanced, not too blue or red, so I think this would be perfect for lots of women. Julep actually promised in a promo email that the red would work for everyone, and of course I was skeptical, but now I see what they were talking about!

I was excited for Satin Doll, as I’ve become somewhat obsessed with bright coral and orange lipsticks. It is described as poppy, but I think it’s much too orange-leaning to be considered a true poppy. Despite its shocking appearance, it’s actually very sheer. This is a wearable day-time orange-based coral, but on my lips, I’d need to use a liner to have the color look even.

Tea for Two looked like a beautiful nude shade, but unfortunately, it was the sheerest shade of them all. So sheer, in fact, that I could barely even get a swatch to show up on my skin. On my lips, it looks like the barest hint of color and shine, much like a tinted lip balm or sheer gloss.

Julep Maven May Box

L to R: Tea for Two, Satin Doll, Lady in Red

Julep Maven May Box

L to R: Tea for Two, Satin Doll, Lady in Red

Overall, this month’s box was a nice departure for Julep. I really enjoyed the products I received, and Lady in Red is a new favorite lipstick for me.
However, I decided to skip the upcoming month’s box. The theme is nautical, and Julep is also introducing their new DD creme (their version of a BB cream… *crickets*). One box option allows you to get the DD creme and concealer in your choice of shade, the others include two nail colors and the DD creme, and a final option has three nail colors. After thinking it over, and looking at the myriad of base products I have (spoiler: it’s excessive), I decided to skip it. I’m just over the whole American bandwagon of trying to introduce BB creams and CC creams and now DD creams. I also didn’t really like any of the three shades in the nail polish-only box. Again, though, this is why I really like Julep as a subscription service! Not only do you get to pick your favorite box, but you can skip a month with no interruptions in subscription service if you like.

If you’re interested in becoming a Julep Maven, please consider using my referral link here; I’ll receive Jules, their version of points if you sign up.


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