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Julep Maven February Box

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Julep Maven February Box

I’ll be honest — I skipped a lot of my Julep maven boxes last year. I found myself just going ‘meh’ over a lot of the offerings, both in nail polish and beauty items. However, I jumped on this month’s box with a quickness. I think you’ll understand why when you see the pictures! Hit the cut for more!

Of course, this month’s box was Valentine’s themed. I chose the Classic with a Twist box, but I actually made a mistake! I meant to choose another box, but I must not have saved the selection. I was really confused when I opened my box at first. :blush:

But it’s OK! The ones I got are really gorgeous and now I’m glad I have this one. The official shade descriptions follow:
Greta – loganberry multidimensional micro glitter
Love – full-coverage gold, pearl & fuchsia micro glitter
Glam Roc – midnight purple & gold stardust
Octavia – smoky indigo crème

Julep Maven February Box

L to R: Greta, Love, Glam Roc, Octavia

Love was a special free gift to all Julep Mavens this month, as normally the boxes only come with two polishes. I traded in my Jules to get an add-on this month, too, the Glam Roc polish. This is one of their “stardust” finish polishes, which are a matte textured glitter much like the Zoya Pixie Dust line.

In addition to the polishes, the boxes also had their new eye sheen, which is a cream eyeshadow. I chose the shade Warm Fig, which is a warm burgundy.

Julep Eye Sheen in Warm Fig

I thought the texture would be slightly hard, like MAC Paint Pots or Maybelline Color Tattoos, but it’s actually a whipped mousse texture.

Julep Eye Sheen in Warm Fig

It applies easily and blends nicely, but you need to apply it in thin layers and let dry before applying another. Because of the silicone in the formula, if you pack it on without letting it dry, it can look a bit patchy or cakey. If you take your time, it’s a really beautiful shimmer that can be a subtle look, or built up for drama.

Julep Eye Sheen in Warm Fig

As you can tell from the above swatch, it has a pronounced reddened sheen when applied thinly, and a more violet shift when applied heavily. I’m already seeing this to be a great workhorse shade, good for slapping on for quick looks.

Overall, although I was ‘meh’ over the last few boxes I took, and even more ‘meh’ over the ones I didn’t, I really, really enjoyed this box.

What do you think of my Julep Maven February box? Which is your favorite color?

If you’re interested in becoming a Julep Maven, please consider using my referral link here; I’ll receive Jules, their version of points if you sign up.


4 thoughts on “Julep Maven February Box

    • I have a penchant for falling off the face of the blogiverse. u_u; I am surprised by how much I like textured polishes lately. I thought they were the worst thing when they were debuted.

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