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Hi! I’ve got a few posts backed up in the pipes (what’s new) but this announcement takes precedence, I feel. Of course, if you follow me on Instagram, you already know the news!

As many of you know, I’ve been dating my boyfriend, Mike, for a little over 5 years now. Like any relationship, it’s had its up and downs but we’ve been on a pretty good upswing for the past few years — one of our major milestones was buying a house last year. Some people might see this as a bit backwards, as it’s usually pretty unwise to go into such a major financial decision with someone you’re not married to. Well, in our case, I valued a nice home more than a shiny ring and fancy wedding, so we saved our money towards that. I’ve also never been someone who’s particularly interested in marriage; I don’t have anything against it, I just have never been the kind of person who dreams about getting married and having a big lavish wedding.

That being said, it was getting to that point where our lives were becoming so entwined that it made more logical sense, financially and legally, to be married. So, I went ring shopping, found one I liked, sent it to him, and several weeks later, here we are.


Yes, that may have been the most undramatic and boring engagement announcement you’ll ever read in your life. Don’t get me wrong — you guys know how much I love shiny things, and I do love this ring, and of course I’m very happy to be engaged. But I just can’t gush about something like this. I am an absolute sucker for a good romance, but that’s just not who I am, if that makes sense. In any case, for all intents and purposes, Mike and I have been basically married for a long time anyway. I’m also the kind of person who’s very pragmatic about most things, and in the case of engagements and weddings, I see the real value in the actual experience of the relationship, and not these single snapshots of events.

Unfortunately, the proposal is probably not going to be a very exciting story either. I was sitting in bed, eating Trader Joe’s pita chips and hummus, when Mike shuffled into the room holding a dozen roses and a box of chocolates. He set the box of chocolates in front of me and nudged them forward, and I saw the ring on top. So I put it on, and that’s about it.


If that sounds disappointing in any way, it’s actually pretty perfect for us. I don’t like big to-dos — the guy who would publicly propose to me is the guy who knows absolutely nothing about me. I love roses and chocolates and shiny things and Mike, so that was all I needed. :nod:

The ring is from Gemvara, and it’s their Caroline style. I am against diamonds for both moral and practical purposes, plus you all know my favorite color is purple, so I chose an amethyst for the center stone. The smaller stones flanking it, as well as the accent stones along the band are white sapphire. The pictures don’t do it justice; it’s so much more beautiful in person and I’m very happy with it.

It’s the teensiest too big for me, but Gemvara do offer a free resizing within 101 days. Downside is that you do have to pay for shipping to them, so I’m not sure that I want to deal with the hassle.


An unexpected twist is that I am now terrified to do anything with my left hand. I’m just not used to wearing such a large ring or really, anything this expensive, and I find myself even hesitating to put my hand into my purse to get something. I suppose that will go away with time… :shiver:

The other downside is now I have to start planning, and saving for a wedding. When I said earlier that I’m not the kind of person who fantasizes about weddings, I mean it. The very thought of planning this is giving me anxiety. If it were up to me, I’d have a small informal reception with friends and family, and call it a day. But of course my mom wants a traditional wedding for me, so I have to make my mom happy. I suppose I will be living on Pinterest for a while…

OK, so that’s about it! I just wanted to update y’all on this bit of my life! Despite my anxiety over wedding planning, I really am very happy. But back to beauty! :wave:


5 thoughts on “Announcement!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! What wonderful news and I LOVE the ring. It’s so beautiful and from what you’ve said above, just right for you.

    My husband and I had the same sort of courtship .. he asked me to marry him in his boxer shorts .. lol. I tried to plan a wedding but I didn’t want a big ta-do either. Then we couldn’t decide on who to invite family only or friends? Then it was everyone or no one .. so we chose no one, got married at a place called Rose Creek Cottage, had the wedding photo’s and bought a house .. no wedding debt and an got an appreciating asset. I think we did ok.

    Anyway, hope you have fun planing a small or large wedding ❤


    • Thank you!

      I kinda wish our proposal was a little bit more exciting, but it’s really apropos of our relationship, haha. At least boxer shorts makes for a funny story! I just looked up Rose Creek Cottage and it looks beautiful!

      I am already stressing about the invite list. Chinese weddings tend to be pretty large, and it’s expected that you’ll invite everyone and their grandma. My cousin and his wife recently had a very nice wedding on a budget, and she DIY’d a lot of it, so I expect I’ll be hitting her up for help soon. It seems you and I are pretty similar in how we view weddings — I was definitely more excited for our house.

      • We were lucky in the fact that were were older (I was 30 when I got married) and my family was in Florida at the time, my husbands family was in Canada and we used the excuse that it was too hard to get everyone together

        Anyway, all I really wanted were some lovely wedding pictures and we definately got them .. the cottage provided a lovely background.


  2. Congratulations! Loving the ring. Very pretty. I think a less extravagant proposal can be just as romantic, especially if it kind of matches your relationship. Flashiness doesn’t last for the long haul. Simple and sweet does. ❤

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