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Dorco Razors – Shai Trial Pack Review

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Have you guys heard of the Dollar Shave Club? They got popular a few years ago because one of their commercials went viral. Basically, it’s a subscription service that sends you four fresh razors blades every month, for much cheaper than retail prices. They offer $1 (twin blade), $6 (four blade) and $9 (six blades) plans, s/h inclusive.

I have really bad KP on my legs below the knees, so I always found shaving a pain. I alternate between shaving and epilating, which tends to work alright except that I always find myself trying to drag out the life of my razors way past their usefulness, thus exacerbating the problem. My preferred razor, the Schick Intuition, is monstrously expensive. At my local stores, a 3 pack refill of the blades costs anywhere from $15-$20! If I were shaving everyday (which I’m not, but for argument’s sake), I would go through at least a pack a month!

Anyway, I decided to look into the Dollar Shave Club and asked around my friends circle about it. Luckily I did, because a friend of mine tipped me in that apparently Dollar Shave Club buy their blades wholesale from a company called Dorco and repackage them. Dorco offers their products to the general public, so I decided to try them out for size.

After looking around, I settled on the Shai Trial Pack. The Shai is their “feminine” line, though of course there isn’t really a difference other than color and razor handle designs. But I like pink, so I go for the feminine options… :blush:

Dorco Shai Trial Pack

The Dorco Shai Trial Pack comes with a Soft Touch handle and two Soft Touch six blade refills, plus another box of four Soft Touch refills, one box of four Smooth Touch (six blade) refills, one box of four blade refills, and one box of three blade refills. The Shai razor handle also comes with a plastic holder with suction cup, so you can hang the razor up in your shower. At the time of writing, it’s listed on the Dorco site for $23.36.

That means I got a razor handle and 18 razor refills for just a few dollars more than a 3 pack of the Shick Intuition.

Now, you may be asking what’s the difference between the Soft Touch and the Smooth Touch, both of which have six blades. I wasn’t sure myself until I got the package. The Soft Touch has two sets of three blades, separated by a soft plastic-y (silicone?) band which pivots. The Smooth Touch is a traditional six blade design, with all the blades stacked on top of each other.

I haven’t used any of the other blades yet except the Soft Touch, as it came pre-loaded on the razor handle, but so far, I think it’s excellent! I get just as nice and close a shave as any razor I’ve tried so far — maybe even better.

The other nice thing is that every single one of Dorco’s razor blade cartridges are designed to work with all of their handles. So, you can switch out blade styles without having to buy another razor handle!

Yes, I do have to forego the convenience of the Schick Intuition’s built-in shave cream bar, but it’s worth it to me to save SO much money. I mean, seriously, I won’t have to buy razors for months! It would be great if Dorco came out with a built-in shave cream razor refill.

This may be a bit of an offbeat beauty post, but hey, hair removal is an unhappy fact of life for most women. :nope: I just love that now I won’t be suffering razor burn from trying to use a dull blade that should have been tossed out weeks ago.

Have you ever tried Dorco Razors? If you’re interested, you can use my affiliate link to save 15% off your order!


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