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Gold Bubble Clothing – The Patriot Leggings Review

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Do any of y’all watch Heroes of Cosplay? As some of you know, I recently jumped back into the cosplay scene after a long hiatus. I’m currently working on several costumes, including the Nightingale Armor from Skyrim (my second attempt!), Super Sailor Pluto and Melisandre from Game of Thrones. Anyway, I’m not that big a fan of the show itself for a couple of reasons, mostly how they represent the cosplay community, but I watch it anyway. The first season introduced Victoria and Jinyo, a Los Angeles-based cosplay couple — I liked them both a lot, and began to follow them on social media after the season ended. This was how I found out they were introducing their own geeky clothing line, Gold Bubble Clothing. Victoria is a huge fan of Black Milk, and they mentioned that it was a big inspiration for them to start their own line.

Gold Bubble Clothing - The Patriot Leggings

Well, Black Milk is another can of worms for me. I used to be a big fan of Black Milk, although I only own one piece from them (the LE Cherry Blossom White leggings) but after their recent social media debacle, my feelings towards them have considerably cooled. So, I immediately turned to Gold Bubble Clothing because I was looking for high quality leggings and clothing pieces with a geeky slant — especially having watched Victoria and Jinyo on Heroes of Cosplay, I felt confident they would never mock a huge portion of their fanbase in one fell swoop. At the time, Gold Bubble Clothing were doing second round pre-orders for their Patriot collection, which is inspired by Captain America. I’m a big Cap fan, so this was an easy choice.

I ordered The Patriot leggings in Stealth Blue. They regularly sell for $69, but I used a coupon code to bring it down a bit. Shipping was rather expensive at $9.56 for this single item. I received it in a shiny gold bubble (getit?!) mailer so I’m frankly not sure what justified that shipping cost. When I ordered, they had just opened up the pre-orders so I knew it would be a while before I actually received the leggings.

I ordered on May 7th, and they said that the leggings would ship out at the beginning of June. This turned out to be more like the end of June, as I received my shipping confirmation on June 26, and the leggings the day after. I do know through following their Facebook page that they were plagued with problems at the start — both their fabric suppliers fell through, and they were having issues finding new suppliers in between attempting to fulfill orders and responding to emails. I’ve never owned a small business but I can empathize with their struggles. That being said, I would have appreciated an email notifying me that the leggings would be delayed. I only found out when they were going to be shipped because of their Facebook page, which it’s possible to miss posts even if everyone followed it. If these were, for example, being given as a gift, I’d be pretty upset.

Gold Bubble Clothing - The Patriot Leggings

Care tag

Gold Bubble Clothing - The Patriot Leggings

Overall, I’m really pleased with the quality of these leggings. They look really professional, and not cheap at all. The print is much nicer in person. It looks like a solid navy on the site, but as you can see from the close-up shots, there is quite a bit of detail.
They feel slightly thinner than my Black Milk leggings, and have more give and stretch. Despite the fact that they feel thinner, they actually don’t sheer out like I was expecting. I personally never do, but if I wanted to, I could wear these leggings alone — they don’t turn into a butt window like some of my cheaper leggings do. (You guys know what I mean, right?) Thanks to the fact that they’re very stretchy, I had no issue getting them on. I have super thick calves which are the bane of my existence and I struggle with leggings that have thicker, less forgiving fabric (including Black Milk). These felt super comfortable on, and they look awesome. I wore these out for the Fourth of July, of course.

Gold Bubble Clothing - The Patriot Leggings

Gold Bubble Clothing - The Patriot Leggings

ASOS T-Shirt Dress with Cold Shoulder in Red (here)
Thrifted belt
Forever 21 boots
(I was running late or else I would have taken shots of my makeup, too!)

Gold Bubble Clothing recently acquired the license to reproduce prints from The Last Unicorn, and although I’ve never actually seen the cult classic film (I’m a huge fan of the book, though) I really love the Unicorn Battle leggings in particular. Besides that, they also have pieces with prints by Alphonse Mucha and Camila d’Errico, and Star Wars-inspired Corellian blood stripe leggings. They also released their second Sherlock collection today! I really want the Bored leggings.

As mentioned above, they seem to still be working through adhering to their stated turn-around time. I am understanding so long as I am kept informed, and looking around at posts on their Facebook page, it seems communication may also be an issue at this point in time. That being said, if you don’t mind waiting a while, I think Gold Bubble Clothing makes excellent, quality pieces and I myself will certainly be ordering more. I really hope they iron through their issues quickly, because I think they have great potential to become a huge phenomenon.

Well, to end, what do you think of the leggings craze? I wonder if it’s cooling off — anytime that a fashion statement makes its way into fast fashion, that’s the beginning of the end. But I’ll still keep wearing mine for a while. I think the proliferation of crazy prints and leggings will be a hallmark of the late 2000’s to early 2010’s, kind of like Members Only jackets for the 80’s.

I don’t have as many as some people I know, but enough that I can’t justify tossing them once the fad has passed… I guess we’ll have to see!

Hope you all had a happy Fourth of July!


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