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Okashi Connection July Unboxing!

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Okashi Connection July Unboxing!

Another month, another Okashi Connection box! If you haven’t watched my last video, check it out!

Okashi Connection is a new Japanese candy subscription box that sends you a carefully curated box of candies, snacks and other fun edibles straight from Japan! It’s only $22 a month for the subscription, and you get over a pound of snacks in each box!

The video should be working now!

Mike’s back, helping me taste-test all the goodies we got. Maverick also noses his way in, and Goose pops in during a jump-cut, though he stays quiet as usual. (He’s camera-shy.)

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If I’m honest, I wasn’t very happy with this video. I tried to cut it down to a decent time, but it’s still realllly lengthy (almost half an hour!). I’m going to try to be more brief next time around, but Mike and I just chatter too much. :shiver:

This time, I read the member’s only blog post that explains what each item is, but I didn’t let Mike know. So he’s feeling his way blind through all of these snacks.

Don’t forget, if you subscribe to Okashi Connection, make sure to use code BTPANDA for a special treat included with your first box! :dance:


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