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Shiro Cosmetics Color of the Month Haul

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Indie makeup brands are, as I’ve noted before, terrible for the wallet. In order to save myself from the neverending torment of new collections and limited releases, I generally try to make hauls, as opposed to small purchases, just so I’m not constantly buying up one or two things. So, I actually missed out on a lot of Shiro Cosmetics’ Color of the Month eye shadows.

However, several months back, Shiro put up a lot of their older, more popular Color of the Months. The most popular out of these would be immortalized in their High Scores collection. Of course, I couldn’t let these go by, and I wasn’t sure which would make the cut, so I jumped the gun on a couple of must-have shades. What makes them must-have? Well, I’m not above admitting just the names alone enticed me…

Shiro Color of the Month Haul

But this is Shiro, so we know they’re going to be amazing shadows anyway! Hit the jump for details~

What I Got

I picked up Butts (Malcolm Reynolds Edition), Doge, It’s Gonna Be May, Plausible Walrus and You Snow Nothing. I received samples of He Loves His Hammer from the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes collection, and Porcelain, which is actually produced by Detrivore. (Shiro recently entered into a partnership with Detrivore to distribute their products.) All Shiro products are cruelty-free and vegan. Not all of Detrivore’s products are vegan, although Porcelain is.

Shiro Color of the Month Haul

They included their business card, and the customary candy. I’ve reviewed a few other Shiro offerings on this blog before, such as the Hunger Games-inspired Tributes collection, the now-discontinued Intertube in Why Not Zoidberg?, and the limited edition holiday lip gloss in Leg Lamp. Do check them out if you haven’t already!

Besides the hilarity of the names, these really are pretty unique colors for my collection. Shade descriptions and swatches follow! With the exception of Doge and my samples, none of these shadows are currently available for purchase. I will link the ones available.

Shiro Color of the Month Haul

Shiro Color of the Month Haul

Butts (Malcolm Reynolds Edition)This particular version of Butts is inspired by Captain Malcolm Reynolds, whose booty is supreme. Shimmery khaki-tinted beige.
I think I’d be forced to hand in my Browncoat title if I passed up on a color that celebrates our Lord of the Tight Pants, the Big Damn Hero himself, Captain Mal Reynolds. Just like with the cap’n himself, don’t let looks fool you. In the jar, it looks rather bland and boring. Let it free, though, and it’s a super buttery shimmery olive-green khaki.

DogeSlightly pink-toned shimmery creamy dogey wonderment.
So besides the fact that I love shiba inu and the doge meme, I actually am also a casual dogecoin miner. My wallet is pretty sparse at the moment as the dogecoin community is known for its charitable efforts. Doge itself is a beautiful peachy rose-gold. Such rose-gold. So wow.

It’s Gonna Be MayInspired by JT’s ultra noodly hair. Steely grey-blue with very strong coppery duochrome and bright gold sparks!
TELL ME THIS ISN’T ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. So, story-time: I was a total BSB fanatic when I was younger, what we’d today call a Stan. I even had a musical locket with a printed picture of Kevin inside. (I remember wasting so many sheets of my dad’s printer paper in a painstaking attempt to size the picture correctly for the locket.) I was also rabidly anti-NSYNC. Some of you youngins might not recall the Great War of the Boy Bands. You couldn’t simply like all of them. You picked a side, drew a hard line in the sand, and clung to your beliefs. In reality, I actually liked a lot of NSYNC songs but pretended outwardly to hate them… (I suspect I probably wasn’t the only one as we somehow all knew the words to “Bye, Bye, Bye” despite supposedly hating them.) ANYWAY, this shade is based on that oft-mocked line from the eponymous song, “It’s Gonna Be Me.” This is absolutely lovely, and the description is spot-on.

Plausible WalrusBright poppy-pink with a violet shift.
I’m a huge fan of Mythbusters, but I also just think the sticker is hilarious… Sometimes I think Jamie Hyneman keeps up the walrus look on purpose. I don’t actually see the violet shift much from this, but it’s a BRIGHT pink that’s totally unlike anything in my collection so far.

You Snow NothingIridescent crow’s wing blue-black, kissed gently by copper fire.
So… I may have mentioned before that I’m a big fan of George R.R. Martin’s series, A Song of Ice and Fire. If books can have Stans, then I’m actually, more precisely, a rabid Stan of the series. I spend a lot of my downtime at, Watchers on the Wall or the ASOIAF subreddit, talking with other fans and getting into crazy theories. It’s all a lot of fun, and a great community, so of course I had to get this color based on Ygritte’s favorite phrase. (Note: There is another, permanent shade in Shiro’s Seven Kingdoms collection called You Know Nothing.) The iridescence in this shade is really lovely. It’s one that doesn’t photograph too well, but looks absolutely stunning in person.

He Loves His HammerSilvery pewter with complex red tones, very difficult to photograph.
I’m in LOVE with this shadow! Of course it’s based off of Thor, from Marvel’s Avengers. In the bag, it looked a little bit blah but it’s absolutely crazy lovely over a good base. I worry that it’ll be hard for me personally to pull off with the silvery tones, but I’m sure as heck going to try…

PorcelainPale matte pink-tinged cream.
Honestly, this is a rather ho-hum shade, both in the bag and applied. But it’s a great workhorse shade. It’ll be perfect for highlighting, blending, shade transitions… Overall, a very useful sample to receive, plus I’m glad I got to sample a Detrivore shade.

Shiro Color of the Month Haul

The shadowss are swatched, from left to right, over bare skin, NYX Milk and Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy. Apologies for the poor swatch of Plausible Walrus over PE; I didn’t let the base fully dry before I tried to swatch it. I really need to get better at swatching in general…

All the shades are nicely pigmented, and easy to work with. As with most loose shadows, I find I need a good base to make the colors really pop. I’m actually in the process of pressing all my loose shadows, which I’ve found negates the need for a sticky base. I’ll update you guys when I’m done with that!

Overall, I’m really pleased with my choices and only a little bit sore over some of the shades I missed out on (namely Still No Oscar for Leo DiCaprio…).

Did you pick up anything from the Shiro Color of the Month sale? What’s your favorite shade from my haul?


3 thoughts on “Shiro Cosmetics Color of the Month Haul

  1. ah im trying to be more like you – more hauls less frequent one product purchases. i feel like its cheaper that way 🙂
    btw loved that you included nyx milk as a base here audrey! it brings out the color in all eyeshadows.

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