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ipsy August Bag

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Eagle-eyed readers might notice I didn’t put up my ipsy bag for June… this is because the weather has been very hot here lately and last month’s bag came completely ruined. There was a tube of moisturizer inside which burst and leaked over everything. I tossed out many of the products, and the bag itself. I contacted ipsy for a replacement which they promptly sent out, but it didn’t arrive until right before I left for MechaCon. By then, I got so caught up in con prep that it just never got put up. Well, unfortunately, my ipsy August bag didn’t fare so well either in the oppressive Louisiana heat. Let’s take a peek.

ipsy August Bag

In my ipsy August bag, I received:
Absolute Lip Balm in Grape
Coastal Scents Forever Blush Duo in Fresh and Elegant
Lord & Berry Silk Kajal Kohl Eye Pencil
Urban Decay Perversion Mascara
Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer

This month’s theme is Beauty Schooled. The bag itself is a white barrel bag with orange polka dots, and is made of a stiff plastic-y (nylon? vinyl?) material. It’s perfect for the back to school theme. It’ll be great to hold pencils and such, or just for your personal effects.

As you’ll see in the close-up pictures later, the Lord & Berry eyeliner melted and spread all into the cap. This wasn’t too big a deal as I was able to sharpen it and use the product still in the pencil. The Absolute Lip Balm also fell prey to the heat and when I opened it, I lost a bit of product as it gooped (technical term) all over my hands and my kitchen counter. But anyway, let’s take a closer look at what I got.

Absolute Lip Balm in Grape

Size: 12g, full size
RRP: $5.99 for two balms
Apprx. Value: $2.99

ipsy August Bag

This smells like childhood. OK, that actually makes it sound better than it is. You know how everything was scented when you were a kid? Markers, lip balm, erasers, stationery, nail polish, even your dolls were scented. Despite that, nothing ever smelled like it was supposed to, e.g., grape scent did not smell of grapes. It was just Grape Scent, or Purple Scent. This is what that smells like. It’s a translucent lavender, Vaseline-like balm that applies clear and also has blue and pink sparkles in it. If it weren’t for the glitter, I’d consider it a good multi-use balm (like Smith’s Rosebud Salve) but it’s honestly disconcerting to have sparkly cuticles. The texture is very soft, and I am not a fan of these kind of balms for my actual lips. I’m not sure what I’ll do with this.

Coastal Scents Forever Blush Duo in Fresh and Elegant

Size: 2.5g/0.09 oz, deluxe sample
RRP: $7.95 for 10g/0.25 oz
Apprx. Value: $1.99

ipsy August Bag

Despite their affordability, I actually haven’t tried too many of Coastal Scents’ products. The Forever blushes are very finely milled, although they kick up a ton of powder and are intensely, intensely pigmented. Fresh is on the left, Elegant is on the right. Fresh applies pretty true to color. Elegant applies a bit lighter, more mauve-y. The tiny size of the samples makes it difficult to control how much blush you get on your brush. I was going to pop these out and put them in a magnetic palette, but they’re, like, super glued onto the plastic… I’ll probably have to take the scissors to them. Also, I’m not sure what the ‘Forever’ part of the name is referring to. Lasting power? I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy earlier in the week (finally!) and after the movie and dinner, most of my blush was gone. I used the Dr. Brandt primer I received in this bag (below) also, so I can’t blame it on lack of primer.

Lord & Berry Silk Kajal Kohl Eye Pencil in #1001 Black Silk

Size: 0.02 oz, deluxe sample
RRP: $15 for 1.4 oz
Apprx. Value: $0.22 (lol)

ipsy August Bag

Here we see the Louisiana heat in action. The pencil itself is not very exciting, imo. It’s a hard kohl pencil which isn’t intensely black, but easily smudgeable. Kohl pencils always smear like crazy for me, and these were no exception. The texture was a bit too hard for what I prefer to use on my eyes.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

Size: 0.1 oz, deluxe sample
RRP: $22 for 0.4 oz
Apprx. Value: $5.5

ipsy August Bag

I’ve been hearing so much hype about this mascara that I was really excited to try it out. Unfortunately, this has to be one the worst mascaras I’ve tried in recent memory. It provided neither volume nor length, and instantly deflated my curl. I tried to take before and after pics, but my lashes are nonexistent without mascara and even with this on, my camera was unable to pick up a difference. Now, to be absolutely fair, I’m not 100% on how the heat would have affected it. Many of the reviews I’ve read talked about how it had a decently wet (but not too wet) formula. To me, this was one of the driest mascaras I’ve ever used. That being said, I have never had any luck with Urban Decay mascaras and find their formulas to be very dry in general. So, I’m honestly not sure what to blame it on here. I had high hopes but this was a total fail for me. ::x:

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer

Size: 0.25 oz, deluxe sample
RRP: $45 for 1 oz
Apprx. Value: $11.25
This is your bog-standard silicone-heavy primer. It comes out a pale flesh tone, but disappears upon blending into skin. I didn’t even feel like it filled in my pores better than, for example, my Too Faced Primed and Poreless primer. It also smells pretty strongly of some medicinal herb, but that fades quickly after application. I tested this with my Urban Decay Naked foundation on top, and it performed all right. It’s outrageously expensive for what it is, though.

Overall, this month was kinda blah for me. The primer, even though it isn’t my favorite, will be good to travel with, and the blushes are pretty but I don’t see myself getting any use out of anything else in the bag. So, my ipsy August bag was definitely not my favorite, but hey, you can’t win ’em all. I see box subscriptions as the grown-up version of a grab-bag. Sometimes you’ll get something fun, sometimes you’ll get a bag o’ crap. I still think ipsy is one of the better subscription services out there for the price point.

If you’re interested in subscribing, please consider using my referral link, which will give me points for products!


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