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Mizon RoseRoseShop Haul!

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I made a teensy haul from RoseRoseShop recently, and I thought I’d share! Can you still call it a haul if it’s only two products…? Well, I got a lot of samples, so maybe it still counts. :blush: I am a big fan of Japanese skincare, but as most of you probably know, Korean skincare is all the rage lately. I used Benton’s Snail Bee line recently, and liked it enough that I wanted to try another snail mucin line. Mizon’s gotten a lot of good reviews around the interwebs, so I picked up two of their most popular snail products.

Mizon RoseRoseShop Haul

I got the Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream and the Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream. I have pretty combo skin, and after asking around in the AsianBeauty subreddit, I decided to get both to try out their differing moisture levels.

Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream

Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream

(By the way… can anyone tell me how to pronounce Mizon? I say “My-zon” in my head, but I wonder if it’s actually “Mee-zon.” Or maybe something else entirely?!)

RoseRoseShop has very reasonable prices, but the shipping is what’ll get ya! They are having a free shipping promotion on Mizon right now though, so I lucked out.

Plus, you can be assured you’re getting authentic product. It might be strange to think of counterfeit beauty products, but it’s a big problem! Mizon has authenticity stickers on their products to help you sort through the fakes.

Mizon Authenticity Stickers

I also like RoseRoseShop because they’re quite generous with the samples. I got samples of the Holika Holika Honey Sleeping Pack, Innisfree Wine Peeling Jelly Softener, Camellia Cream Rinse and The Green Tea Seed Oil, and It’sSkin Mangowhite Cleansing Foam.

Mizon RoseRoseShop Haul

So far I’ve only used the Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream but I don’t have any strong feelings yet. It is not as heavy as the Benton Snail Bee Steam Cream, and I feel I have to put a bit more than I’m used to (generous dime size vs. pearl size) to get enough moisture but so far, so good!

If you’ve used Mizon, can you tell me your favorites from the line? :clap:


4 thoughts on “Mizon RoseRoseShop Haul!

  1. I just looked up the hangul for Mizon out of curiosity and it’s 미즈온, which would be pronounced more like “Mee-jeun” I think. Soft J, sounds kind of like a Z. I don’t own any Mizon stuff but I’ve always read it as “Mee-zon” in my head. Huh.

  2. Thanks to Rebecca, now I know how to say it. 😛 But yeah, I’ve always pronounced it like a French word. Mee-zon. I love the gel recovery stuff. It was my first snail product ever and definitely my favourite.

  3. it must be really good if there are “fake” versions of it. i actually pronounce this as meee-zon lol i have no idea if its correct 😛 and i’ve discover this brand through @Beauty_Junkie:disqus

    ps: still like that heart fabric a lot ❤

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